With so many titles to choose from it is often difficult to know which book by Alice Bailey to read first. Unfortunately there is no easy answer to this question So, for example, if you have a particular interest in a title (Esoteric Healing, for example, or Esoteric Astrology, or Education in the New Age) you may want to start there, although this will usually not give you a good overview of the different elements of the teaching.

Another approach is to begin with the introductory compilation of quotations taken from all of the books, Ponder on This. This will give you a good flavour of the teachings, and it is often the first book that people read, but is not so good at taking you in any depth into the various themes developed in the books.

The following four basic books will give you a very solid understanding of the core elements of the teachings:

  • From Intellect to Intuition
  • Initiation Human and Solar
  • Esoteric Psychology, Vol. I
  • A Treatise on White Magic